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Our Capabilities

AS9100 / ISO 9001:2015 Certified Facility

CNC Jig Grinding

BJG Manufacturing Solutions has developed a world-class precision CNC grinding department. We offer close tolerance CNC surface grinding, CNC contour grinding, and precision jig grinding.

Our experienced staff is eager to assist you with all your precision grinding needs. We provide unmatched quality and services and feel that our standards in quality and the service we provide to our customers is what makes us the best in the industry.


BJG Manufacturing Solutions currently has a Mitsubishi FA20 with a travel capacity of 20x14" and a maximum height of 11.8". This machine uses a .010" diameter brass wire with fully submerged machining. We have the capabilities to cut straight and tapered parts, multi-land Z heights, parts requiring 4 axis programming to achive constant taper or independant top and bottom shapes and multi-origin night burns. Our FA20 can also run fully unattended with an automatic wire threader/cutter. We have an assortment of 3R Tooling for quick set-up and a wide variety of custom made fixtures for very specific per-customer applications. If you need specialized fixturing our engineering department will work with you to achive the fastest and most efficient set-up possible.

We also have a small hole EDM drill or "hole popper" with the capacity to burn holes (thru or blind) from .031-.118" in diameter. This allows us to create small wire start holes in otherwise difficult to machine materials like carbide or hardened steel. We can also remove broken taps and drills usually with same-day turnaround.

CNC Machining

BJG Manufacturing Solutions is a premier CNC machine shop. Our CNC machine shop uses state of the art technology, a skilled work force alongside a full engineering department to ensure the highest quality of manufacturing and CNC machining services. CNC means computer numerical control. In simple terms we use a CAD program that produces a computer file that is interpreted to extract the commands needed to operate a CNC machine, and then loaded into the CNC machine for production.

If you are looking for a shop that can handle your CNC machining, Brown Jig Grinding is that company. We can handle small, medium and large jobs and we have the ability to expand our production to whatever level you require.

Conventional Jig Grinding

BJG Manufacturing Solutions offers jig grinding for the entire tool and die industry. For an affordable quote on your jig grinding, please contact us today. Brown Jig Grinding Company takes great pride in checking parts after grinding or using temperature probes while grinding to provide our customers with the highest precision grinding service available nationwide. We work with gages that are certified, calibrated and traceable to NIST standards. All of our machining centers are laser calibrated.

We can Jig Grind & Surface Grind many types of materials including but not limited to: Ceramics, Aluminum, Brass, Plastics, Bronze, Stainless, Carbide, Inconel, Soft and Hard Tool Steels.

I.D./O.D. Grinding

Inside/Outside diameter grinding is a method where the cylindrical shape in a workpiece is ground to a precision size and surface finish. Parts such as bushings, rollers, bearings and tubing often require this operation.

We can grind inside diameters up to 8" long and 8" in diameter.

Diameter tolerances as close as .0002" and surface finishes to 8 micro inch.

Surface / Wet Grinding

BJG Manufacturing Solutions State-of-the-art Servo Driven Downfeed in precise selective increments of 0.00005" to 0.0015" deliver the ultimate in automatic surface grinding performance. We use the 1993 - 16.32 DX Okamoto Wet Grinder

Grinding capacities: 16 in. Wide 32 in. Long & 20 in. High

CAD Engineering


Mastercam is a powerful and versatile CAD/CAM software designed to assist us in producing high-quality parts faster and with fewer errors. With our state-of-the-art software, we offer several solutions for our 4-axis CNC Jig Grinders. We continually update and expand our services, giving our customers the features needed for maximum productivity.

3D Programming Services
Coordinate Measuring Machine

Our CMM is a walk-up measurement station, accessible to all employees at all times to insure accuracy during and after the manufacturing process.


To manage a shop by today's standards, it is essential to manage information well. Our computer-based shop control system has helped a great deal in this regard, providing a tool to assist in the time-consuming tasks of estimation, scheduling, materials management, and job tracking. To be sure, these are important disciplines to master if a shop manager hopes to meet ever more demanding delivery requirements.